Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine :

 Anti-Aging medicine and rehabilitation center with over 15 years of health care and quality of life with the team of doctors have been leading by Dr. Mali Wirojskoolchai.
We are expert in the using of hormone for anti-aging or regeneration. As well as this regenerative is useful for treatment and caring some diseases which are treated but they are not gone such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Diabetic Wound, etc.
We have service of chelation that is the treatment used in conventional medicine for removing heavy metals from the blood. It involves intravenous injections of a chelating agent by specialist doctors who are certified by the Medical Association chelation Thailand.


  1. Check hormone levels
  2. Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy
  3. General check up
  4. Coronary disease screening for the risk by CIMT.
  5. Check your body mass composition
  6. Check the function of bone cells integrated.
  7. Make recommendations to modify behavior.
  8. Check the level of heavy metals in blood by Chelation Therapy
  9. Food intolerance test
  10. Genetic disease screening
Regenerative Medicine