Nad IV Therapy

Yes, it can! NAD+ has the ability to protect cells and promote the repair of DNA. Theoretically it also has the ability to increase lifespan. NAD+ is required for the activation of particular enzymes in the brain called sirtuins. Sirtuins are linked to increasing cognitive performance, memory and protecting against neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzherimer’s Disease.
It’s also suggested that sirtuins may contribute to protecting DNA strands that form the caps of chromosomes called telomeres. Telomeres are shortened each time a cell divides until eventually they can no longer, and at this point the cell dies in a process called apoptosis.
By increasing NAD+ levels along with sirtuin function, telomeres can be protected from shortening thus theoretically increasing longevity and slowing down ones aging process.
Yes, it can! NAD+ works to quickly repair cells through the body and neurons in the brain, it helps convert nutrition into energy by transferring electrons during cellular metabolism. Studies show that before one reaches exhaustion, NADH levels rise while levels of NAD+ decrease in blood and muscle. Increased levels of NADH in the presence of decreased ATP that occurs in fatigue may be due to a compromise in electron transfer from NADH which in turn impairs muscle performance resulting in fatigue.
Fatigue and exhaustion increase oxidative stress and free radicals during exercise. In conclusion, the supplementation that increase blood and muscle levels of NAD+ may enhance endurance by reducing oxidative stress-induced suppression of aerobic respiration.
Yes, it can! NAD+ therapy has proven to support your mood and brain health as well as reducing anxiety and depression. Earlier studies have shown that NAD supplementation can combat fatigue,
a common symptom of anxiety and depression.
Damaged mitochondria can contribute to cognitive changes that may compound on the symptoms of anxiety and depression. NAD may restore mitochondrial function, an essential element when it comes to improving neurological changes. Restoring NAD may reverse the damage to mitochondria and improve your brain and body function at a cellular level.
Combining therapy, a healthy change in lifestyle and NAD+ therapy, you’ll be able to manage your anxiety or depression and feel your very best.
Yes, It can! Addiction and substance abuse have shown to deplete the NAD reserves in your body. By restoring your NAD levels, it can improve how you feel and promote neurological function and cognitive clarity.
NAD+ Therapy can also help curb craving and withdrawal symptoms by binding to the opiate receptors that drugs stimulate with that “feel-good” sensation. Unlike oral supplements, Iv NAD treatment delivers coenzymes directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system assuring 100% absorption for maximum effect.
Another benefit to NAD+ therapy is that it can be discrete, which is ideal for those who want to maintain their privacy for professional or personal reasons.