Company Profile

To be with quality of life is what we offer

We have been experiencing over 39 years of hospital management with continuous innovation from general hospital to MALI hospital (disiplinary) to get better result fro NCDs treament and to service for preventing health from agony of chronic diseases and promoting of health to be liveliness and youthfulness, Better quality of life and Longevity.

"The first general hospital in thailand that is reinforced by Mali hospital (interdisiplinary)"

SCOPE of main service of Hospital

Novel treatment for non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs)

Screening and checking up for hidden physical abnormality.

Regenerative medicine

General hospital

10 โรคเรื้อรังที่พบบ่อยในปัจจุบัน

  1. โรคเบาหวาน
  2. โรคกล้ามเนื้อหัวใจตาย
  3. โรคอัลไซเมอร์
  4. โรคกระดูกพรุน
  5. โรคไตวาย
  6. โรคหลอดเลือดในสมอง
  7. โรคข้อเสื่อม
  8. รคถุงลมโป่งพอง
  9. โรคความดันโลหิตสูง
  10. ต้อกระจก

I have been using hormones to restore health and treat NCDs, according to the evidence based medicine of the world following Dr. Thierry Hertoghe for more than 15 years. This si the progress of endocrinology and should be the additional new chapter concerning age relating diseases in endocrinology. — Mali Wirojskoolchai, MD