Emergency Department


Emergency is imperative. So we must be prepared for every emergency situation for clients’ quality .Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital provides emergency services for crisis patients and accident emergency for available 24 hours with professional medical staffs with modern equipments.

รถตู้ รพ.มะลิ_8810
รถตู้ รพ.มะลิ_3746
รถตู้ รพ.มะลิ_4300
รถตู้ รพ.มะลิ_9931

Because timing  is an important factor in the outcome of treatment. The Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital has the effective transferring patients who are filled with advanced skilled  to add more staffs’ experience for quality transferring


Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital recognizes the importance of training personnel  skill to be ready to receive accidental emergencies. Advanced training is provided to enhance the skills of the staffs